2005 TVR T440R

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2005 TVR T440R picture2005 TVR T440R picture2005 TVR T440R picture2005 TVR T440R picture2005 TVR T440R picture

You can count the number of road cars that have had all-carbonfibre bodywork on the fingers of one hand - Mclaren F1, Ferrari F40 and now TVR T440R. More usually found in the aerospace or motorsport industries, this material is expensive but is extraordinarily light and strong.

Aerodynamics have played an increasingly significant role in the design of TVRs over the last few years and the T400R and T440R take this to the logical next level. A lot of attention has been paid to drag and lift with the result that its coupe shape owes most of its form to the demands of the aerodynamicists. A phenomenally low drag co-efficient of 0.32 is the result of all this attention to detail and its virtually flat floor, front splitter and rear diffuser work together to give it unparalleled high-speed stability.


Two versions of the car are available - the T400R . . . ( click here for full article )

Source: TVR

Top Speed 215 mph 0-60 mph under 4 seconds
Skidpad Not Available 0-100 mph Not Available
EPA City / Highway Not Available 0 - Mile Not Available
Drag Coefficient 0.32 0-100-0 mph Not Available
Slalom Not Available Stopping Distance Not Available

General Information
Base Price approx $120,000 Production Not Available
Powertrain Layout Not Available Steering Rack & Pinion w/ Power Assist
Body Material Carbon Fiber Front Wheels 18 in.
Brake Type Vented Discs Rear Wheels 18 in.
Brake Size F: 322 mm
R: 298 mm
Front / Rear Tires Not Available

Configuration 4.2-liter 6-cylinder inline Displacement 3996 cc
Valvetrain 4 valves / cyl Bore Not Available
Power 440 bhp @ 7600 rpm Stroke Not Available
Torque 350 lb-ft @ 6000 rpm Compression Ratio Not Available
Redline Not Available Final Drive Ratio Not Available
Transmission 6-speed sequential Gear Ratios Not Available

Wheelbase Not Available Length Not Available
Front Track Not Available Width Not Available
Rear Track Not Available Height Not Available
Weight Distribution Not Available Curb Weight Not Available

2005 TVR T440R

Pictures and Specifications