R: 14.0 in. / 355 mm"; $production="Not Available"; $curbweight="2,850 lb. / 1,293 kg"; $wghtdist="Not Available"; $tires="255/40ZR18 / 345/35ZR18"; $steering="Rack & Pinion w/ Power Assist"; $fwheels="18.0 in. / 457 mm"; $rwheels="18.0 in. / 457mm"; /*Engine*/ $engcfg="7.3-liter AMG V-12"; $valves="Not Available"; $power="555 bhp @ 5,900 rpm"; $torque="553 ft-lb. @ 4,050 rpm"; $redline="Not Available"; $dsplcmnt="7,010 cc / 444.9 cu in."; $bore="Not Available"; $stroke="Not Available"; $hpliter="71.34 bhp"; $cmpratio="Not Available"; /*Transmission*/ $trntype="6-speed Manual"; $gears="Not Available"; $final="Not Available"; /*Performance*/ $speed="220 mph / 354 km/h"; $latgs="Not Available"; $epa="Not Available"; $sixty="3.7 seconds (0-62 mph)"; $hundred="Not Available"; $quarter="Not Available"; $zeroloozero="Not Available"; $stopping="Not Available"; $dragcd="Not Available"; $slalom="Not Available"; /*Dimensions*/ $wheelbase="107.5 in. / 2,730 mm"; $ftrack="Not Available"; $rtrack="Not Available"; $length="173 in. / 4,395 mm"; $width="80.9 in. / 2,055 mm"; $height="45.3 in. / 1,151 mm"; /*Story*/ $headline="Origin of the Zonda"; $story="

Horacio Pagani's fondest dream - to build his own supercar - started to turn into reality in 1988 - when the draft drawings of the 'C8 Project' were shown for the first time to Fangio. The car was to be named Fangio F1 after Fangio as a tribute to the great champion and showed the respect that Pagani felt for him.

In 1992, Pagani began to construct a prototype and the first model was tested in the Dallara wind tunnel in 1993. The positive results obtained marked the beginning of a long period of design and definition of the construction details.

At this point Fangio introduced Pagani to Mercedes, the company to which he was linked by his series of historic Formula 1 victories. Mercedes could foresee that the project was worthwhile and, in 1994, officially agreed to supply its powerful V12 engine.

After four more years of hard work, Pagani obtained type approval of the coupé open version of the C8 Project and the first Zonda C12 was presented in the 1999 Geneva Motor Show.

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