R: Not Available"; $production="20 cars per year"; $curbweight="2200 lb. / 1000 kg"; $wghtdist="Not Available"; $tires="245/35ZR19 / 335/30ZR20"; $steering="Not Available"; $fwheels="19 in."; $rwheels="19 in."; /*Engine*/ $engcfg="4-liter V-8"; $valves="Not Available"; $power="500 bhp @ 9500 rpm"; $torque="302 lb-ft @ 7500 rpm"; $redline="11000 rpm (limited to 10000 rpm)"; $dsplcmnt="Not Available"; $bore="Not Available"; $stroke="Not Available"; $hpliter="Not Available"; $cmpratio="Not Available"; /*Transmission*/ $trntype="6-speed manual"; $gears="Not Available"; $final="Not Available"; /*Performance*/ $speed="over 200 mph / 322 km/h"; $latgs="Not Available"; $epa="Not Available"; $sixty="3.5 seconds"; $hundred="Not Available"; $quarter="Not Available"; $zeroloozero="Not Available"; $stopping="Not Available"; $dragcd="Not Available"; $slalom="Not Available"; /*Dimensions*/ $wheelbase="102.4 in. / 2600 mm"; $ftrack="64.8 in. / 1645 mm"; $rtrack="64.6 in. / 1640 mm"; $length="167.8 in. / 4262 mm"; $width="78.2 in. / 1986 mm"; $height="40.9 in. / 1040 mm"; /*Story*/ $headline="MB Roadcars EOS: Exigence of Speed"; $story="

The first EOS prototype will hit the road in 2006 and the first customer cars will be produced early 2007. MB Roadcars has plans for a very exclusive production of 20 cars per year. Each car will be assembled by hand and tailor-made to customer requirement.

MB Roadcars is based in Brackley, Northamptonshire. Its new EOS ('Exigence of Speed') supercar has been created by a team of ex-F1 designers and incorporates a three-seater layout with central driving position.

Of major importance was the announcement of an engine supply agreement with Mader Racing, who will develop a bespoke engine for EOS based on the all-alloy V8 race engine currently used in the new GP2 series. Tuned to 500 bhp and exclusively badged 'MBR-V8', this engine will give EOS a remarkable power to weight ratio of 0.5bhp per kg.

The EOS supercar is MB Roadcars' first offering, but also the company's flagship. EOS will establish the company's strong cutting-edge profile and set new standards for its competitors. The car was entirely designed using 3D Computer Assisted Design software and the design path followed the high standards set by the motorsport industry. The following characteristics will contribute to the car's strengths:

Central driving position

EOS features a 3-seater layout, with the driver positioned at the centreline for maximum control and the most engaging and rewarding driving experience. EOS is currently the only modern supercar to utilise this layout, following in the footsteps of the legendary McLaren F1.

Innovative aerodynamics

EOS incorporates a unique Formula 1-style double-element front wing, which generates a significant amount of front downforce. Its state-of-the art aerodynamics are complemented by an integrated rear wing design, a wide-angle rear diffuser and side winglets (X-wings) used on a road car for the first time. All these elements are the key to providing well-balanced and stable characteristics at high speed.

Lightweight / high-strength carbon fibre chassis monocoque

The use of composite material for sportscars is not a novelty. However, it is extremely rare for a roadcar to employ these expensive and noble materials to manufacture the structural chassic components. EOS will be one of the rare sportscars to offer the advantage of a lightweight, high flexture and torsional strength carbon fibre composite chassis monocoque. The car will be at least 20% lighter than its rivals, which means a very advantageous power to weight ratio.

Race-bred suspensions and fine tuned vehicle dynamics for superior handling

The most advanced racing cars inspired the EOS suspension geometry. Double wishbones of unequal length with inboard spring and damper units activated by a pushrod assembly are used both at the front and rear of the car. The engine is positioned longitudinally at the centre of the car, while the 6-speed gearbox is installed in line with the engine to minimise polar moment of inertia.

With its central seating layout, 40 per cent more downforce and 20 per cent less weight than its competitors, EOS will be able to perform at the highest level, with an appearance and personality to enable it to stand out from any other sports car on the market.

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