2001 B.Engineering Edonis

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First Car of the 21st Century

On January 1st 2001 in Modena the first car of the 21st century will be unveiled. Significantly, 21 units will be produced.

As this work is committed to paying homage to creativity whether technical or aesthetic, each car will bear the name of a famous inventor or artist from each century.

This car is the work of a team of engineers who have left their work on the history of GT and racing cars . Through this emblematic creation we wish to express and share with all enthusiasts our personal vision of the car. Furthermore, this is to be done within a context of great creative freedom made possible by the absence of commercial constraints.

This achievement seeks to affirm that the car must remain a thing of creative passion, as well as an extraordinary human adventure.

Its design is to be an invitation to pleasure-kind that gives . . . ( click here for full article )

Source: B.Engineering

Top Speed 225 +/- mph / 365 km/h 0-60 mph Less than 4 seconds
Skidpad Not Available 0-100 mph Not Available
EPA City / Highway Not Available 0 - Mile Not Available
Drag Coefficient Not Available 0-100-0 mph Not Available
Slalom Not Available Stopping Distance Not Available

General Information
Base Price 600,000 Production Not Available
Powertrain Layout Mid Engine / RWD Steering Not Available
Body Material Aluminium Front Wheels Not Available
Brake Type Aluminium calipered Self-Ventilated Disks w/ ABS Rear Wheels Not Available
Brake Size F: Not Available
R: Not Available
Front / Rear Tires 245/650ZR480 / 335/70ZR500

Configuration Twin Turbo Longitudinal V-12 Displacement 3,760 cc / 229.4 cu in.
Valvetrain Not Available Bore Not Available
Power 680 bhp @ 8,000 rpm Stroke Not Available
Torque 542.1 ft-lb. @ 3,200 rpm Compression Ratio Not Available
Redline Not Available Final Drive Ratio Not Available
Transmission Not Available Gear Ratios Not Available

Wheelbase 100.8 in. / 2,560 mm Length 171.3 in. / 4,350 mm
Front Track 63.4 in. / 1,610 mm Width 78.3 in. / 1,990 mm
Rear Track 63.4 in. / 1,610 mm Height 44.1 in. / 1,120 mm
Weight Distribution Not Available Curb Weight 1,300 kg.

2001 B.Engineering Edonis

Pictures and Specifications