2004 Pagani Zonda Roadster

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Pagani's Final Creation

PAGANI, the brand behind the award-winning Zonda C 12 S supercar, unveiled on March 4th 2003 at the Geneva Auto Show his last creation: Zonda Roadster. To be produced in a strictly limited edition of 40 completely made-to-measure cars, the Zonda Roadster reflects PAGANI's philosophy: marrying the most innovative technology to the loving care of the "artigiano" handwork.

The new Zonda Roadster has been designed around truly innovative technology ideas with special care to given to safety.

- the new carbon fiber central chassis structure features high structural rigidity level: 18.000 Nm/degree in torsional rigidity, 9.000 N/mm in flexional rigidity, for a dry weight of 1280 Kg;

- the roll bar, elliptical in section, is built out of carbon and chrome-molybdene alloy and is linked to the rear section of the chassis through a finely handworked Ergal . . . ( click here for full article )

Source: Pagani Automobili

Top Speed 220 mph / 354 km/h 0-60 mph 3.7 seconds (0-62 mph)
Skidpad Not Available 0-100 mph Not Available
EPA City / Highway Not Available 0 - Mile Not Available
Drag Coefficient Not Available 0-100-0 mph Not Available
Slalom Not Available Stopping Distance Not Available

General Information
Base Price $510,000 Production Not Available
Powertrain Layout Mid Engine / RWD Steering Rack & Pinion w/ Power Assist
Body Material Carbon Fiber Front Wheels 18.0 in. / 457 mm
Brake Type Vented Discs Rear Wheels 18.0 in. / 457mm
Brake Size F: 14.0 in. / 355 mm
R: 13.2 in. / 335 mm
Front / Rear Tires 255/35ZR19 / 345/35ZR19

Configuration 7.3-liter AMG V-12 Displacement 7,291 cc / 444.9 cu in.
Valvetrain Not Available Bore Not Available
Power 555 bhp @ 5,900 rpm Stroke Not Available
Torque 553 ft-lb. @ 4,050 rpm Compression Ratio Not Available
Redline Not Available Final Drive Ratio Not Available
Transmission 6-speed Manual Gear Ratios Not Available

Wheelbase 107.5 in. / 2,730 mm Length 173 in. / 4,395 mm
Front Track Not Available Width 80.9 in. / 2,055 mm
Rear Track Not Available Height 45.3 in. / 1,151 mm
Weight Distribution Not Available Curb Weight 2,850 lb. / 1,280 kg

2004 Pagani Zonda Roadster

Pictures and Specifications